Why You Can’t Tie Advertising To News


I just wrote a new piece on Medium about how news is broken, and how media outlets continue to think that news is something that only happens at 6pm once per day. If news is ever to evolve, we need to find new ways to inform people- and you just can’t tie it to advertising. […]

Understanding Traffic vs. Engagement On A Podcast Network


I’ve been inspired by a couple of trends and conversations happening these days. One of them is (obviously) viral stories and how they’re affecting the news and the conversation around education and other “forgotten” topics. In running EdReach, which gains most of its traffic through downloads via Stitcher and iTunes and other podcast platforms, we […]

Is Facebook About To Make Storytelling As Disposable As It’s Made Our News?


While the existence of Upworthy and Buzzfeed have certainly made it harder for substantive news and information to reach our news streams, Facebook just made an announcement about a new mobile/sharing/storytelling platform- that is soon to be released: Paper. Paper purports to be a storytelling platform, in the vein of Medium, an app that rises above the […]

Media Roundtable: ICE 2012

At ICE 2012, I hosted a Media Roundtable entitled The Media and Education: Pointing Toward the Positive. It was an eye-opening event, and nothing that we expected. The promo for it is here: http://iceberg.org/node/310

This Blogger has moved to EdReach.

Well, not totally. But most of my fresh, new content can be read at a  new collaborative online magazine, EdReach.us. I will continue to use drezac.com as a place to host my personal thoughts, resources, notes, and presentations. However, my voice- will be housed at EdReach.us from now on.  What is EdReach? Well, it’s an idea that together- we can […]

Why EdReach?

Today is the official launch of EdReach.us, the educational media network, a collaboration by educators from all over the United States. So, why EdReach? Do we really need another Educational blog? There are so many others out there- aren’t there enough? Well, that is true, there are a lot of voices out there. So many […]

My Top 1 List for Best Search Tools

For years we dreamed of a day- where you said to your computer: “Computer- tell me everything there is to know about ______________.” And the computer would then show you all details, movies, pictures, related stories and text regarding that subject. The first thing I think of is the scene in Star Trek II (or […]