Can We Make Twitter More Consumable For Teachers?


There was a time a few years ago when, for the tech-education zealots, Twitter was the thing. Every conference had its own hashtag (and still does), and the promise of sharing- the ease of sharing using Twitter was hard to resist. For many- it was addictive.

Technology in Schools: Selling Shackles or Innovation?


Staring into screens.

It’s an unfortunate necessity for a technology educator, and more-so for any teacher in a 1:1 device environment. Whether Chromebooks, iPads, Android tablets, BYOD- the need for looking into a screen only increases with more technological responsibility that any institution creates.

Yes, And…I’m A Believer


I tend to stray from educational strategies that sound like corporate slogans. For the past couple years, I’ve heard educators using the “yes, and…” strategy, and even heard schools building their school missions after it. It intrigued me, but I guess I just wasn’t in the position to put it to the test.

Why You Can’t Tie Advertising To News


I just wrote a new piece on Medium about how news is broken, and how media outlets continue to think that news is something that only happens at 6pm once per day. If news is ever to evolve, we need to find new ways to inform people- and you just can’t tie it to advertising. […]

Understanding Traffic vs. Engagement On A Podcast Network


I’ve been inspired by a couple of trends and conversations happening these days. One of them is (obviously) viral stories and how they’re affecting the news and the conversation around education and other “forgotten” topics. In running EdReach, which gains most of its traffic through downloads via Stitcher and iTunes and other podcast platforms, we […]

Is Facebook About To Make Storytelling As Disposable As It’s Made Our News?


While the existence of Upworthy and Buzzfeed have certainly made it harder for substantive news and information to reach our news streams, Facebook just made an announcement about a new mobile/sharing/storytelling platform- that is soon to be released: Paper. Paper purports to be a storytelling platform, in the vein of Medium, an app that rises above the […]